Mindi Arnesen

Hello, and welcome to my home away from home! I’m a stay at home mom to one adorable little boy, “Creative Kid”.  I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful man who is not only my best friend and the love of my life, but also my biggest supporter.  We’ve been married for over 25 years and met on the internet way before organized internet dating sites were even imaged.

We temporarily live in Marysville, Ohio.  I grew up in the Lancaster, Ohio area, moved to my husband’s home state of NC when we got married, but we came back after a few years to be closer to my family.  That decision is one that no matter what happens, I will never regret because it led to a much closer relationship with my mom as an adult and she unexpectedly passed away only 8 years after we moved back.

I’m a creative soul.  I get that from my mom as she never met a creative medium she didn’t like!  She instilled in me the love of all things imaginative, from art to creative writing to getting lost in a good book, she was all about using your imagination. If you would like to know more about my role-model in life, check out my tribute site to her here.

My current passions are photography and interior design.  Building a new house is certainly the motivation on that last part and being a parent will make you become your child’s own little paparazzi.  I’ve also begun learning to quilt and already have a stack of projects planned and a pretty good sized fabric stash.  😳😂

I’ve had no formal training in any specific design area, yet design seems to be a focus of all of my endeavors.  I’m a researcher and good book-learner though, so I educate myself whenever I want to take on a new project or explore a new field.  Design is an integral part of photography in my mind as you are trying to set the scene and tell a story through that scene, much the way interior designers are looking to create a mood and a feel to a house.  I love web design, interior and exterior home design, designing jewelry, photography, designing bags…really the list goes on and on.

I’m a homeschool mom.  As soon as we found out I was pregnant we were pretty sure we would either homeschool or send our little one to a private school.  As time went on homeschool seemed to be the way we were leaning.  In April of 2015 I started a home preschool curriculum with my son (age 3 1/2).  I don’t see us going down a traditional path at this point for many reasons which you can find here.

Spotlight:  “Creative Kid”

Say hello to Creative Kid!  Creative kid is 8 years old and is fully of curiosity, creativity and energy!  He loves Minecraft, Legos, Nerf wars, Taekwondo, swimming, music, games, Youtube and competition (of just about any type). 

I’m a lover of music!  I pretty much love all music, but I am especially partial to country, contemporary Christian/worship, and 80’s and 90’s pop.  I am a singer and have been singing in churches, school choirs and occasional events most of my life.  Music connects with my spirit like little else can…you will often know my mood by what songs I am listening to or singing around the house.

For being an artistic person, I am also very devoted to organization.  I like to be organized, to find new ways to organize, to organize in creative ways, to re-purpose items for organizing, etc.  I don’t always achieve my organizational goals (hello, active boy in the house!), but I do fight what seems like the never ending battle with clutter.  I find good organization helps reduce stress and mess….when everything has a place, there is no dilemma of ‘where should this go?’ when cleaning the house and that makes cleaning the house less time consuming. I am a list maker and a bit OCD about my calendar and scheduling.  In some ways I feel I am a bit odd when you look at my dominant traits as they are both right and left brained traits.

Speaking of oddities, I’m an ambivert!  I only learned of this term in recent years and it basically means a person who has strong traits of both introverts and extroverts.  Everyone has some traits of both, but normally you have stronger traits on one side of the scale.  Ambiverts, however, have strong traits on both sides of the scale.  For years I was frustrated that neither term really fit who I am and felt there must not be anyone else out there like me, but then I learned there is a term for people like me!  Most people who have just met me (in person) would probably say that I’m a strong extrovert, but those who really know me would know that’s not the case.

So that’s a bit about what makes me who I am.  I hope you find quality content here that is worth your time and that you stick around to share a bit of who you are with me and the other readers.